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Enrollment for THE SPARKLERS CLUB is Currently Closed, But I Want To Give You The Next Big Thing....For FREE!

Now you can see what a typical lesson plan looks like inside one of our ART BUNDLES!


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I’m Patty Palmer, founder of Deep Space Sparkle & The Sparklers' Club and I'm here to help you...  

✔️ Spend more time creating with your students, instead of planning in isolation week after week.  

✔️ Enjoy the confidence of knowing exactly how to engage your class with art lessons that are rigorous, inspiring and fun.  

✔️ Win back your free time and reignite your passion and energy for your work.

✔️ Join a supportive community that seeks solutions and celebrates YOUR success

“The best part about the step-by-step art bundles are the notes on where to start and tips to share with students. Ever since we started using the Art Bundles, my students’ confidence has grown and they’re beginning to use their own intuition and creative flair (rather than just following the steps).”  

~ Hannah C.

"For me, teaching art used to be lonely! I felt like I was the only one for 13 years! I spent hours and hours creating lessons that were unique and fun but after so many years I felt things were getting stale and I had no support. And then I became a Sparkler! Being part of this group, sharing ideas, having amazing new lessons, being inspired by sparkler's travels and this whole community has given me a brand new sense of that joy and enthusiasm that I had when I first started teaching."

~ Pamela S.

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