Hey there, art superhero!!

The past few years have been challenging...

Isn’t it time you had a SPARKLY sidekick to help you stay on top in the art room this year?

The Sparklers Club will help you lighten the load so you can bring your best to the art room in 2022.


The past couple of years has brought lots of messy challenges and new expectations for art teachers.

While you’ve been busy adapting to your “new normal”, we’ve noticed art teachers are asking questions like...

  • I've lost my art room. How can I teach art from a cart effectively?
  • My students have endured quite a few challenges and have fallen behind in basic skills. How do I adjust my grade-level expectations?
  • How can I deliver lessons that are creative and rigorous with limited supplies?
  • What’s the best way to lead & engage kids when attention spans have diminished?
  • … And how am I going to manage everything being asked of me right now?

One thing’s for sure: 

It’s hard to inspire creativity in your students when you’re stretched thin and overwhelmed.

If you feel like you’re on unsteady ground and need a plan to reset, realign and get back-to-basics…

That’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

It’s not about outsourcing your creativity...

It’s about handing over all the other stuff that gets in the way.

The Sparklers Club takes the guesswork (and stresswork) out of creating engaging art lessons and curriculums that tick all the right boxes in 2022...

  • Basic & inexpensive supplies
  • One, two or three session lessons
  • Lessons that work from a cart, art room or a mix of both
  • Standards galore
  • Scope and sequence of skill levels of your students 
  • Diverse range of artists, movements and media
  • Adaptive art resources that allow all children to thrive

And so much more...

If you’re ready to s t r e t c h  your students’ imaginations while meeting them where they are at...

The lessons and curriculums inside The Sparklers Club are the perfect foundation for a stellar school year.

And best of all… 

When you become a Sparkler, you’ll never wonder if your lessons have what it takes to engage student’s creativity and critical thinking.

With the right lessons for the right grade level...

your lessons will become engaging and irresistible to even the most skeptical creatives in your class.

Fully scoped and sequenced curriculums

With the right technique...

Students will build skills in an order that matches their natural stages of development.

With the right media...

You'll know exactly which lessons will work for you (and the amount of time you have to teach, prep and clean).

With the right subject matter...

Lessons become more exciting and memorable--because creativity doesn't have to be put on pause this school year.

Introducing our NEWEST ADDITION

EPIC 2.0

Meet your new best friend....

Our updated and completely revised EPIC 2.0 Curriculum focuses on a curated arrangement of lessons and coordinated teaching resources that build on skills of the child through the year and through the grade levels. 

Bring your art program back to basics by focusing on the elements of art and principles of design. They help build a well-rounded foundation for students that will not only help develop their art-making skills and decision-making, but also their ability to talk about and analyze art. 

Your membership includes access to:

A Year-at-a-glance Project Plan > The project plan is the guidebook for the curriculum, outlining the learning objectives in each lesson, art techniques used and the time that each lesson will take to complete in one quick look.

Resource Connection Page > Within each lesson, we’ve included a suggested list of opening activities, resources and early finisher activities that pair perfectly with each lesson.

Sketchbook > The printable sketchbook gives students both a place and opportunity to not only record their learning about each element and principle before beginning the lesson, but also a chance for reflection. 

Slide Decks & Teaching Videos > Gone are the days where you spend hours scouring YouTube or crafting slide decks to introduce a lesson for your students. We’ve created slide decks and teaching videos specifically for the curriculum that match perfectly with each lesson and concept and can serve as an introduction to the lesson in five minutes or less. 

The teaching videos are designed to be a quick hook to introduce your students to the element or principle being taught. The slide decks are separated into sub-categories, based on the element or principle. 

Watch the video below to see what teachers are saying about the Sparklers' Club!

The artsy support system you’ve been looking for is here…

and we can’t wait to meet you!

You can become a Sparkler for as little as $32 a month when you join as an annual member. Or join monthly at $38 per month and you can cancel anytime.

I’m Patty Palmer, the founder of Deep Space Sparkle and The Sparklers Club.

When I opened the club for the very first time in 2016, my goal was simple: 

To support art teachers with vibrant, rigorous art lessons — so they could stop worrying about planning and bring more creative energy to the classroom.

But little did I know… 

I was building something much, much bigger than that.

The Sparklers Club has not only become a source for reputable teaching materials but a gathering place for like-minded, kind, supportive art teachers.

We understand that art teachers need more than a library of lesson plans ...

Teaching art comes with incredible rewards and many challenges that few understand.

And to thrive in 2022 and beyond… you need a support system that gets it

Support. Connection. Respect. Creativity.

So say YES to help where you need it — and let’s share the load together.

I can't wait to help you shine in the art room this year...