Hey there, art rockstar!

Are you ready to have your best year yet?

With The Sparklers’ Club as your art travel guide, we’ll help you plot your path so you can bring YOUR best to the artroom this year...


Are you a school admin? Our Team has created a Letter of Support to give to your administrator.


Artrooms are a special place...and YOU get to design the experience for your students…

We provide the sparkly paths so that you can show up and do what you do best.

Teach. Connect. Engage. 

And be your students’ trusted guide through exciting art adventures that will shape them for life… 

No matter what your art room or teaching situation looks like — or how it might change.

We believe that students thrive when YOU are well resourced, supported, and freed up to be your best and most creative self.

… And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you with.

We understand that art teachers approach planning differently…

And have different needs...

Deep Space Sparkle has been busy this year redesigning our approach to HOW and WHAT the lessons in our bundles and curriculums include so that YOU can deliver a curriculum rich with considerations you are proud of….

Our updates include...

  • Lessons that offer a variety of time requirements and material choice.
  • Lessons that are designed to engage, connect and foster community within your school.
  • Curriculums that are structured to include rigorous standards paired with beautifully designed and tested lessons that offer choice for teachers and students. 
  • A focus on SEL (Social Emotional Learning)
  • Representation of diverse artists and cultures. 
  • A focus on cultural appreciation versus cultural appropriation. 
  • New and improved slide decks to eliminate extra work for you when introducing a lesson.
  • Adaptive art options to help all students be successful.

And so much more...


With this year comes a whole new art adventure… but the destination is completely up to you

You can use our lessons and resources as a foundation for your own creative ideas and tweak to your heart’s desire...

Or keep us in your back pocket as your secret sidekick for fail-safe planning and “go-to” lessons when you need a helping hand…

Or simply let us do all the planning for you, for the entire year—so you can keep your creative energy high and take back control of your time.

Whichever path works best for you...

We’re on a mission to create space for you to do what you do best.

With The Sparklers Club by your side, you’ll have everything 

you need to show up and shine in the art room.

Watch this video to see how the Sparklers' Club works!


Three art bundles every month for grades K-7

Every month, we release a brand new Art Bundle to our members. Rigorous, engaging and fully mapped to national standards, we give you everything you need to teach with ease.

You’ll receive a new Art Bundle on the 1st of each month, plus credits to “unlock” two additional Art Bundles of your choice from our extensive library.

Fully scoped and sequenced curriculums

Your membership includes access to three YEARLY done-for-you K-6 curriculums: The EPIC Curriculum, the video-based Art Through The Ages Curriculum and our brand new Global Art Passport Travel Curriculum.

Use them as a creative springboard for your own ideas, or follow the complete scope and sequence for a proven roadmap for your entire year. The choice is yours!

Your new favorite teacher community

There are plenty of art teacher groups online, but there’s nowhere like The Sparklers Club. 

More than bright ideas and creative inspiration, we give you access to a community that will be your source of support (and sanity) as you navigate the school year ahead.

Access to exclusive art trainings

Get access to a wide variety of trainings on assessments, rubrics, curriculum design, virtual teaching and differentiating your lessons when you join.

Resources, guides and templates galore

Curriculum planning calendars, worksheets, assessment guides and more… we’ve got all your art room needs covered. 

Get access to extra resources that make your art teacher life just that much easier.

Weekly emails and support to design your week and get back in control

Every Sunday we send a special letter to your inbox to help you start the week with clarity, confidence, and a renewed sense of energy. 

We help you design your week with intention and beat the Sunday night blues.


Keep scrolling to take a closer look at the art bundles...

Our exclusive library of world-famous ART BUNDLES at your fingertips

So much more than a lesson plan…

Our art bundles give you everything you need to plot your next great art adventure

Our Monthly Art Bundles are carefully curated to meet the needs of teachers right now...

We poll our members to learn what bundles will be most valuable. We consider all requests and create our lessons, teaching resources and trainings to support teachers exactly where they are at.

Each bundle is carefully considered. We balance techniques, standards, ease of prep, adaptability, cultural representations and ensure a diverse range of topics and artists.

Inside every Art Bundle...

LESSONS for Grades K-7th

All of our lesson plans are fully illustrated and step by step, to make your teaching time truly seamless even if you have little art experience.

Our newer bundles even include videos and slide decks to help you introduce new concepts and techniques to your class.

Use them “as is” or as a starting point for your own bright ideas.


Every art bundle is aligned with national standards, including I Can Statements, Common Core and NCAS, with customized assessment sheets and rubrics for easy grading.

Win back your weekends and weeknights, and dedicate your energy to being present with your students. We’ve done the heavy lifting so your creativity can shine.


Keep your early finishers happy with additional exercises and supplemental worksheets to support your instruction.

Bundles also include extras like teaching slides (slide decks) and questions to spark conversation with your students and engage them in thoughtful critique.

Multiple drawing guides and idea sheets eliminate extra work for you plus gives your students ways to make their art their own.


We have an incredible variety of lesson plans for almost any topic you can imagine, all beautifully organized so you can find what you need fast.

Sort by technique or topic to build your lessons (or even your entire art program) around what you love. 

No more stringing mismatched lessons together… it’s time for a whole new kind of flow!

Here are 3 more ways the rest of your school year just got easier…

Our digital art planner is made just for you! The planner is FULLY customizable to allow you to organize your month, plan your week or daily schedule, format your curriculum, manage assessments, design seating charts and more....

To add to your digital planner, each month the DSS team uploads NEW lesson plan"stickers" with embedded links for you to drag and drop into your planner. This gives you the chance to simply click on any lesson and open the lesson plan in your membership.

Our new slide decks make introducing art lessons exciting!

The slide decks offered in our GAP curriculum and newer bundles are beautifully designed and allow you to ask essential questions, identify elements of art within the lesson and get students engaged with the learning components.

For those who prefer a proven path, your membership includes three fully scoped and sequenced art curriculums yearly curriculums plus one mini-curriculum...

Our Sparkler-favorite EPIC Curriculum is a 12-month journey through the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, while Art Through The Ages is a 10-part video-based curriculum that explores art through the lens of your favorite time periods and artists through history.

Our Brand NEW GAP curriculum takes students on a journey to cultures, community and art-making through 7 regions of our world.

All curriculums include student learning objections, planning materials and guides, book lists, supply lists and more.

Each month of both curriculums can be unlocked using your monthly credits — or join yearly to receive the entire GAP curriculum instantly for free!

Introducing our NEWEST ADDITION

The Global Art Passport Curriculum

The Global Art Passport (GAP) Curriculum is a done-for-you roadmap for teaching young artists about the unique and amazing world we live in. The curriculum is designed for grades K-7 (ages 5-13) organized into 7 Regional Art Bundles. 

Begin your travels by creating a student journal or passport to document the places you have traveled to, what you have learned and to add special notes from your “visits”. Students can add their special “stamps” to their passport. 

Students kick off their adventure by creating a collaborative world map to learn and identify the location of regions and countries around the world.


Lessons for each of the 7 geographical areas are included in separate Bundles. Each Bundle contains 15 LESSON PLANS (2 each for K-6, plus 1 lesson plan for 7th grade). 

Lesson plans are designed so that even if you don’t feel confident in your artistic ability, the plan walks you through each step. Experienced art teachers will enjoy the choices offered in the lesson to help make the project their own.

Each lesson has an accompanying SLIDE DECK to help students explore a region of the world and learn important art elements and principles.

The GAP Curriculum also includes teaching resources such as WORKSHEETS, BOOKLISTS, SUPPLY LISTS and REGION FACT SHEETS.

And like ALL of the lessons inside The Sparklers’ Club, each lesson comes with a variety of standards to include:
- I Can Statements (to print and display in your classroom)

🌎 National Core Art Standards’

🌍 Common Core

🌏 Student + Teacher Assessments

🌎 Rubrics

The GAP curriculum offers a visual planning document that displays the art projects organized by regions and grade levels, art standards + time required for each lesson, student learning objective plus media + techniques.

A one-place-stop to plan your entire year!

PLUS...when you become a Sparkler, you have access to our Digital Art Planner with customized lesson plan stickers to help YOU plan your year beautifully, no matter the curriculum, bundle or path you choose. 

All of this is YOURS when you become a Sparkler!


Gain the confidence & build the skills you need to unlock your student’s artistic potential.


Unlock your own creativity as you discover unique ways to teach art concepts in new and exciting ways. You’ll love creating your own art project samples as much as teaching them!


Build your teaching skills by watching our art technique training videos and teaching the art lessons your way. Watch your confidence soar as you see your students engage with the process and connect with you.


Our team of experienced art teachers will guide you through all the basics plus the relevant changes in today’s educational climate including adapting lessons to meet your students needs, remote learning and adapting to minimal supplies.


Being a Sparkler means you never have to go it alone. Our team of Sparkler Supporters are available when you need them, via an email or inside our community. We do more than deliver amazing lessons. We deliver amazing sparkler support.

Watch the video below to see what teachers are saying about the Sparklers' Club!

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The artsy support system you’ve been looking for is here…

and we can’t wait to meet you!

I’m Patty Palmer, the founder of Deep Space Sparkle and The Sparklers Club.

When I opened the club for the very first time in 2016, my goal was simple: 

To support art teachers with vibrant, rigorous art lessons — so they could stop worrying about planning and bring more creative energy to the classroom.

But little did I know… 

I was building something much, much bigger than that.

Because art teachers need more than a library of lesson plans to feel like their most successful and creative selves.

Teaching art comes with incredible rewards and many challenges that few understand.

And to thrive in 2022 and beyond… you need a support system that gets it

For 13 years, most people in my school thought of me as “the lady with the messy apron”. Well-meaning teachers and parents had no idea how hard I was working to help my students explore the world and build their confidence through art. 

So say yes to help where you need it — and let’s share the load together.

Who is The Sparklers' Club for?

New Art Teachers
You want to make sure your art lessons are engaging, age-appropriate and rich in standards… and a whole lot of fun!

You need a little “how to” support while you build confidence and find your groove.

Mid-Career Art Teachers
You have less time than ever and need to prioritize.

You’re in a groove with your lessons and know how to manage a class, but you’re ready to get support with planning so you can bring  your best self to the art room.

Veteran Art Teachers
You’re confident in your skills as an art teacher, but you’re feeling a little “stuck” lately.

It’s time to breathe new life and inspiration into your art program... and renew your creative energy!

Classroom Teachers
Perhaps you’re a teacher who doesn’t consider yourself a natural “artist”, but you’re excited to unlock your creative spirit with your students.

You want the tools and strategies to teach art like a pro and help your students explore the world around them, so you can create together with confidence.

PS: GAP was designed to help classroom teachers integrate art into their curriculums!

Volunteers and Home Educators
You teach art as a volunteer, or around your kitchen table. 

You want to save time and get instant access to vibrant lessons and curriculum that work for you and the children you teach!


And to make things even better...

We've teamed up with Artsonia so that you can pay for your Sparklers Club membership with your art sale proceeds! Artsonia is the world's largest collection of student art, published by teachers and students from around the world. Parents and family can view the art online, leave comments and order keepsakes featuring the artwork. To use your funds, simply select DEEP SPACE SPARKLE on your Artsonia account redemption page!